Written February 12th, 2010; I never finished until now because I lost my username and password!

It was a cold, dark night at  2:00 AM. My friend was suspicious of her boyfriend not being true to his words that he was to stay at home instead of hanging out “with some friends.” Having had a long talk with her and considering alternatives to finding out if her boyfriend was really telling the truth, we inconveniently decided that we would drive over to his neighborhood to see if he was home. Inconvenient why you may ask? It was a 40 minute drive.

So we went. I drove her. On the drive there, we were still talking about her boyfriend and his inconsistent words and actions. Time flew by. I took the exit to the area, and we drove to his neighborhood. We figured that to hide our identities in case he was home, we would both put on our hoods from our sweaters.

As I turned into his neighborhood, I noticed a white car on the other side of the street just stopped at the stop sign with the headlights brightly on. I continued into the neighborhood, and after circling around once with my friend scouting the cars, we deduced that her boyfriend was indeed telling the truth: he was home sleeping like a baby. So we decided to leave.

Little did we know it was easier said than done.

As I turned around and crept up the street we came from, I noticed the same white luxury car with the headlights on. It was still at the stop sign, just stopped. My friend and I were being paranoid and were thinking… what if it was her boyfriend and friends in that car and they were snooping on us snooping on them? So I took a right at the light, but then I U-turned back to drive past the white car for my friend to glance to see if  it was her boyfriend. We drove past. We glanced. It wasn’t.

This is where it gets interesting.

As I drove away, I looked into my rearview mirror and noticed the white car finally broke its catatonic state and began to move. Not only did it move, it turned and moved towards us. Towards us it drove, towards us it followed. Just to be sure they were following us, I increased my foot pressure every so slightly to augment our car’s acceleration. They did the same.

Looking at my friend, I said to her they were following us. Fearing impending doom, I thought fast and reacted quickly: I turned right into what I thought was a shopping center to see if they would still follow, and to evade them if needed. Notice I said reacted quickly, not smartly.

“Where are you going? This is worse, this is worse!” my friend exclaimed.

“What? What are you talking about, I’m trying to lose them!”

“But it’s a dead end, it’s closed, this is a dark alley!”

Dark alley it was. But dead end it wasn’t. Thank goodness. It definitely looked like a dead end but I didn’t even notice until we were in the plaza. All I was thinking of was trying to run away. The plaza wasn’t really a shopping plaza, but one of those corner fast food places that had very narrow passages that BARELY fit your car! I squeezed through quickly and carelessly, luckily not damaging my car. Looked in the rearview mirror and the car FOLLOWED US ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

At this point, we stared at each other as I drove away, knowing very well our faces were just expressing WTF to each other.

Faster and faster, I gassed my car into the residential, making squeaky turns and circling around the neighborhood like a juggling clown. After about 5 or 6 neighborhood blocks, we were making for a straight road. In the distance we saw a wall blocking our path, and behind us the car was still speeding towards us, as if ready to pull out Uzis and unload bullets on our asses.

“Help, help! Help me!” I said to my passenger.

“What do you want me to do?! What?!” she exclaimed.

I slammed the gas pedal harder and sped towards the wall faster. I saw the look of my passenger, she was obviously thinking I was going to run the car straight through the wall. However, I was just panicking and didn’t know what to do. I finally slammed the brakes and stopped the car before hitting the wall, and we both were looking at each other like, “Is this the end?”

We turned around slowly. They were gone.

So we drove home.


Never again.


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