The Two-Faced System

I’m really tired of over-studying. Not just over-studying, but over-studying for a class that I probably won’t have much use for in the future.

First of all, I know that to get a good grasp of the material then we should study everything. I understand that the concept everyone has of “study only what’s on the test” is bad, but when you got hundreds of detailed pages to memorize, we should be given somewhat of an idea of what’s important.

But that’s not the problem. My professors did give us an idea of what’s important. They did tell us we needed to know certain drugs, certain mechanisms, certain disease states. They did a great job of telling us and guiding us what to focus on, what to learn, what to know for the exam or even in clinical settings when we have our degree and are working health professionals.

What’s my problem, then?


Professors are liars. Granted, not all of them are and some really care for their students. However, the ones I have encountered only put up that false front to gain our trust and give them good professor ratings. “He’s nice”, “oh he told us what’s going to be on the midterm”, “he’s doing the same for the final”, etc etc. Really, now? Are professor ratings that important to them? Do those ratings ever even cause professors to lose their jobs when they already have tenure? What is the reasoning behind their madness? Why pretend to help us, guide us, answer our questions, when in the end they are just going to throw us a curveball and ask us stuff that we have never seen in our lives? What’s the point? Do these professors just enjoy educational massacre?

Education should be about learning. Not ratings.


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