And so it begins…

Ah, first day of class was today. What a great day. I got to see some friends I haven’t seen all summer, and the 2 classes I had today were pretty interesting. It looks to be a good year, with a lot to learn and a lot of fun to be had. Still, stressing is futile to avoid. I’m already stressed out from studying today after dinner and cleaning the apartment. Some interesting things happened here and there.

Random 1: Quite a few people commented on me looking like I lost a lot of weight. That’s always a plus. Maybe it’s the combination of working out and getting braces and lack of eating due to depression that made me lose weight…

Random 2: After having dinner with a bunch of classmates, I went home to my apartment and my roommate found a lizard in her bathroom rug. It looked dead, and we were sad because we thought she stepped on it and killed it. She picked it up and left it on the bathroom counter and went to update her Facebook status while I tried to get a good camera shot of the lizard. Guess what? It was just in its freezing mechanism of fear, because after she left it alone, the lizard started to run its head into the corner wall. I called my roommate back in to watch, and then she went back in her room to update her status again. Then we picked up the lizard and let it go.

Random 3: Me and my roommate are getting random bug bites and we have no idea where it’s coming from. It only started yesterday and it’s getting worse today. We’re thinking they’re bug bites, and we hope it’s only bug bites and not something worse.

Random 4: I spent 5 hours editing and updating my notes for one class today.

Random 5: I hate people don’t know where to draw the line when playing pranks on people. My pocket was iced with my iPhone inside it. Hence I am updating this blog from my actual computer this time.

Ah, it’s 3:30 AM and I haven’t slept yet. I need to get some rest before class tomorrow… even though class starts at 1 PM. Good night bloggers.


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