Versus: Forgetting and Acceptance

What’s a difficult thing to do is to forget about someone that you’ve grown so close to. Under the circumstances, I had to try to forget, but it has not worked. It’s definitely harder when everything around you reminds you about that person because you have shared to many experiences together with them. Whether it be music, humor, movies, shows, malls, theme parks, cooking, walking the dogs, elegant restaurants, etc., there is always going to be some remnant around you that will remind you of that person. Even “drinking to forget” can’t work, because drinking is just another memory and event shared.

It seems to me now that maybe forgetting isn’t what I should attempt to do after all. It seems that cherishing those memories is a better course of action to take. Since everything reminds me of her, then nothing would make me forget her. Why attempt futility when you can embrace history? The best thing to do is accept it and move on.

Easier said than done.


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