Logic vs. Hope

Why is it that people who have doubtful goals still strive for them? I have been thinking about this question lately. It would seem illogical for someone to put so much effort and work into something that may never be. However, even if it’s a lost cause, that person would continue to try no matter what.

I now understand that the human condition always considers hope, even if it may be miniscule and appear negligent. However, humans have faiths and prayers which are the basis of a great part of human life. This concept has been with humans ever since the dawn of time. It follows through traditions, religions, and societal customs. It’s to make sense of something that presently doesn’t, and it’s to have faith and to believe that unlikely goals can be achieved.

It’s only natural to want what we can’t have, and by wanting what we can’t have we end up working harder for it. However, sometimes logic must intervene the faith and hope of a human in the event that the unlikely goal will be harmful to the pursuer. The situation must be presented unbiased to an open-minded pursuer for the pursuer to understand the positive and negative aspects. Depending on the situation, a decision must be made of whether to choose logic over hope or hope over logic.

Personally, I choose hope.


One Response to Logic vs. Hope

  1. kimberkt says:

    I choose hope based on logic. 🙂

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