Hello World!

Ah, my first WordPress blog post. Joy oh joy, right? I would thank you for reading but then if I thank you now the you would not be reading the rest of the entry… so let’s hold off on that.

I am not one for themes, so I will write this blog about any topic that’s out there. If I find it interesting, annoying, clever, witty, or if I see something funny and decide to take a picture, it will all be found here. I’m mostly going to update this from my iPhone because that is probably the only device I will use to log into WordPress. In fact, I started this blog because I wanted to use WordPress on my phone…

Anyway, until something interesting happens or until I have an opinion, see you next time!

P.S. Irony and oxymorons have always been things I found interesting, hence the title of my blog.

And this is a random photo of my pet tortoise.


One Response to Hello World!

  1. kimberkt says:

    I want to play with your tortoise!

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